See the machine that turns water into fuel


One of the big reasons for discovering alternative types of energy is the later deficiency of hydrocarbon energy sources. In other words, the well is likely to dry up sooner or later.A German company named Sunfire claims to have developed a process that will enable them to produce hydrocarbon fuels making use of merely water and carbon dioxide.

The Dresden-based operation lately introduced a device making use of its “Power to Liquid” technologies, that does the conversion through the combination of the Fischer-Tropsch process and solid electrolyzer cells. Under this technique, water is turned to steam making use of electrical power from green sources (e.g. solar power, wind turbine, tides), which is after that treated to clear out oxygen and create hydrogen gas.

With hydrogen now separated, Sunfire’s device will then begin harvest carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere, which it distills into carbon monoxide. The two resultant gases are then synthesized into high-purity fuel using the aforementioned Fischer-Tropsch process, allowing the machine to create very specific hydrocarbon molecules that, when suspended in water, can transform into gasoline and diesel. Any excess heat generated by the machine is put back to create much more steam, giving the device an efficiency rate of 70 %.
At this point, the machine Sunfire developed, paid for in part by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Research and Education, is merely for exhibition and practicality uses. Although it really does work, production is limited to a barrel of fuel a day, a far cry from the average oil rig, which could generate Two hundred to Three hundred barrels within the identical time period.



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