Mind reading machine


Imagine the ability to record your romantic feelings on your first kiss, or as your first child is being born. Or perhaps the dreams you are unable to really remember once you wake up.And then, many years after, play them back in vivid, really clear detail.

Millenium Magnetic Technologies (MMT) would be the very first firm to commercialise the recording of resting state magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, providing buyers real-time flow of consciousness and dream recording.

It may sound like science fiction, yet one man is today pioneering the creation of a technology to capture your thoughts and dreams and providing the service to anyone with plenty of cash.

This service is at the moment aimed towards individuals wishing to keep memories that they are worried might fade or vanish, but in the future it is possible that MRI scanning technology is going to be sophisticated enough to record thoughts as they’re happening, for example at important  events like weddings and births .

Even though the technologies are there to record thoughts, the ability to play them back still is limited.
Solutions for having your thoughts stored permanently, including the rental prices of the MRI device, start at approximately $2,000. This can be a tiny price to pay, if you think about the insufficiencies of current solutions to record significant events, for example video and audio recording and writing.
Study into neurotech is going well beyond just recording and storing thoughts and dreams. A method which is similar to the 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has already been developed that could erase memories from the brain.
A few months ago, scientists at the University of California exhibited their ability to erase a memory in rats after which later resume it – significantly changing the animals’ response to past events.



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