Creating invisibility cloak is now possible

  • invisible-nanoparticlesA brand new solution to making invisible materials making use of laser devices has been created by researchers at the University of Cambridge.
    The study, released today in the journal Nature Communications, explains the way “metamaterials” are created by stitching gold nanoparticles with each other in long strings.They made use of unfocused laser light as the ‘needle’ to stitch together particles of gold measuring only a several millionths of a centimetre across. By putting these strings with each other, large areas of metamaterials could possibly be produced in much higher volumes than currently is possible.It was found out that ultrafast lasers could form vast amounts of links to stitch the nanoparticles together in fast succession. The result produced by the material is that reflected light is inversely refracted, making items seem to be invisible.According to one of the authors of the paper,It’s about finding a method to control that bridge between the nanoparticles,” .”Joining some nanoparticles with each other is okay, but scaling that up is difficult. We’ve controlled the scale in a way that has not been possible before. This level of control reveals many possible beneficial uses.”The new materials may find increasing use in communications, renewable energies, electronics and sensing, along with “novel technological frontiers. Such as cloaking along with other invisibility gadgets that might be helpful to improve military stealth technologies.



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