Glucose-Monitoring Contact Lenses



Novartis will make use of technologies developed at Google X to create contact lenses which assists observe a person’s blood sugar levels

Healthcare expert Novartis has reported a licensing deal with Google X and will start developing contact lenses which can keep track of the blood glucose levels of wearers to assist people suffering from diabetes to control their condition.

The plan is to try using the newest technologies in the miniaturisation of electronics to assist increase the quality of life for huge numbers of people,The contact lenses is going to be created by Novartis’ eye care division Alcon, that will
collaborate with Google to develop a ‘smart lens’ which has the possibility to address ocular conditions.

In January Google declared it had developed a smart contact lens which uses chips and sensors the dimensions of sparkle to observe the blood sugar levels of people with diabetes.

Created by the company’s Google X skunk works division – most commonly known for creating Google Glass – Google stated the smart contact lens can evaluate the person’s blood sugar level once per second by using a very small wireless chip and sensor inserted in between two contact lenses.
In addition to assisting diabetics handle their condition, the smart lenses may help with those experiencing a disease known as presbyopia that is a failure to focus on near physical objects.

The deal still is subject to anti-trust approvals and Novartis hasn’t pointed out when it expects these contact lenses to come to market.

Health and fitness is an important area of development for companies like Google, Apple and Samsung as they attempt to offer customers of their mobile phones, tablets and wearable gadgets with a natural view of their own health constantly.



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