Bulletproof liquid was created by polish researchers


The Polish based Moratex Institute of Security Technology have reported the development of a bullet proof liquid, that sometime soon could be used to line bulletproof vests. The fluid is non-Newtonian, more accurately a Shear-Thickening Fluid (STF), which has the cabability to harden upon impact at any heat range .thus being impenetrable by high-speed projectiles.

Moratex reports that this liquid cuts down on the deformation of the substance when hit by a bullet and that it can stop bullets shot at a speed as high as 450 meters per second and without ricocheting them.
The fluid stiffens in accordance with the impact applied into it: the greater the pressure, the more resistant the fluid can become and will behave a lot more like a solid than a liquid. So if bullets are fired into the liquid, it gets impenetrable on impact, therefore defending the person.



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