Anti-Kidnapping Watch

Tactical Anti-Kidnapping Operator Watchband Kit with covert handcuff key, scalpel blade, kevlar saw cord, and ranger band to hold it all covertly in place. Ideal for military, special operations, private military contractors, journalists, and others traveling abroad in hostile areas.


Kidnappers hate schedules so they never check the time. This makes the Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band Kit perfect and allows you to carry escape tools in your watch band covertly.  This kit contains the means to escape handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape and rope. It includes a large ranger band to hold your tools covertly on your watchband, a handcuff key, a scalpel blade, and Kevlar saw cord.  *please note* the watch is NOT included. This is a kit designed to be used with your existing watch and watchband.




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