A new Robot is able to use any Espresso machine all by itself


The age of robot butlers may finally be dawning. At least, that’s the possible promise of technology such as the Robobarista, a deep-learning automatic robot that has the abillity to understand the way to operate any espresso machine.


Developed by Cornell University’s Robot Learning Lab, it’s a Willow Garage PR2 that could understand instructions in a way much like humans. As a result, it does not have to be programmed specifically for each and every task, since it’s capable to adapt previous information in very similar but a bit different scenarios.In this instance, the Robobarista has been trained to work several different espresso machines, endowing it the cabability to learn how to operate a brand new coffee maker it hasn’t encountered earlier. To master a new coffee machine, the robot consults an electronic version of the instruction manuals, so it then compares to previous events to seek out similarities in every available controls. After understanding how to work a particular control by using their method, the robot then turns to the new coffee maker, that it sees by using a built in 3D camera , a Microsoft Kinect, using the feed to find the precise control it wishes to access and its learnt database of situations to determine the best way to operate it.
Up to now, the robot has performed with 60 % precision on a a number of lab tests with various coffee machines, therefore it’s yet not even close to perfection.




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